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Kamp Kindergarten

Who: Children entering Kindergarten in the fall.

What: A structured ½ day camp taught by an Occupational and Speech Therapist with an emphasis on introducing your child to the skills needed to be successful from day one! Self-help skills, following directions and learning to manage independent work will be practiced each day they arrive! Skills targeted include:

  • Learning to manage transitions
  • Social skills
  • Fine motor coordination/strengthening
  • Following directions
  • Managing meal time

This camp will be offered in both the Hartland and Ann Arbor centers!

Tuesdays July 10th-August 15th

Ann Arbor
Session I: M-Th August 13th-16th
$310 or $560 for both sessions

Session II: M-Th August 20th-23rd
$310 or $560 for both sessions