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2016 Summer Social Skills

Several options are available depending on your child's age and goals!

4-5 Years of Age: Kamp Kindergarten!  In response to data collected on the social-emotional readiness skills for local Kindergarteners, our Kamp Kindergarten program has integrated a focus on social skills and emotional regulation into our 1/2 day program.  Sessions will focus on getting our bodies ready for the day, team work and communication in a group atmosphere.  You may choose from one or two day experiences for your child!

6-8 Years of Age: Lego Mania!  Utilizing Legos© this camp is designed to incorporate team work, communication and attention to task as well as fine motor skills.  This is a perfect camp for the child that struggles with regulating behavior secondary to attention challenges (ADHD).  Each camper will be provided with strategies to add to their toolbox to help with regulation, attention and group interaction.

8-12 Years of Age:  Super Sleuths Science Camp!  This 1 1/2 hour group is led by Jason DeLand, certified teacher.  Although there is an emphasis on writing in this camp participation in group science experiments is also a focus of this group.  Social skills addressed include communication, following directions, planning and organizing an experiment in cooperation with peers.

Pre-registration is required as well as a phone conference or short meeting to ensure that this group will be the right fit for your child.  For questions contact beth@childrenscenterforgrowth.com or call 810-991-1211.

Links for the individual flyers are provided above.