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Occupational Therapy

Our team of professionals stand ready to assist your child in more successfully participating in their daily routine through the therapeutic use of everyday activities.  We specialize in developing fine motor skills, handwriting therapy, feeding therapy, Bal-A-Vis-X®, Brain Gym®, and sensory integration therapy.  Our occupational therapists help children with special needs participate more fully in school and social situations.  You can expect:

  • A full professional evaluation specifically designed to determine your child’s individual challenges and strengths
  • Customized, individualized therapy designed to improve your child’s ability to meet his or her challenges

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Referring refer to the small movements of the hands, wrists, fingers, feet and toes.  Fine motor skills involve using the small muscle groups of the body that allow individuals to write, grasp small objects, fasten clothing, etc. These skills involve fine motor control, strength and dexterity and are important when tackling school activities and throughout life in general.  When an individual is weak in fine motor skills it can affect their ability to eat, groom himself or herself, write legibly, use a computer, turn the pages of a book, and/or various other tasks that rely on fine motor strength and dexterity.

Occupational therapy is perfect for developing competence in the area of strengthening fine motor skills.  When working with children, occupational therapists typically utilize therapies that may look and feel like play to a child, but are specifically designed to help him or her increase strength, dexterity, and control of their fine motor muscles.  The techniques our occupational therapists use are designed to target each individual’s areas of delay and difficulty.  The development of these skills are vital for development throughout the lifespan.

Handwriting Therapy

Difficulties with handwriting can have an immediate, undesirable impact on your child’s completion of school activities and negatively affect their performance and self confidence.  Usually, children with in need of handwriting therapy are the same children who have issues with fine motor skill development; they require help and support in developing the strength, control, and dexterity that will allow them to use writing instruments more effectively.