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Autism Resources

At the Children’s Center for Growth and Development we are proud to offer fully developed plans of varying components for our clients with autism spectrum disorders. Family participation is of primary importance when tackling autism spectrum disorders. We provide an individualized, family centered program designed with your child’s particular strengths and challenges in mind. Our program recognizes the vital role that a child’s caregivers play in his or her social, emotional, and educational development and our team of specialists are dedicated to helping ensure that your child reaches his or her fullest possible potential.

To be most effective, and to best promote learning, a child needs to be engaged and actively participating in therapy. Engaging a child emotionally through his or her interests has been shown to be essential for learning interactions that enable different parts of the brain to work together and build higher levels of social, emotional, and intellectual abilities. Our large range of therapies and interventions are designed to engage your child’s individual interests and capitalize on this important learning research.

As with other therapies, early intervention is a fundamental key to success in treating autism spectrum disorders. Our individual sessions can focus on social skills, improving receptive and expressive language skills, organizational and study skills, motor development, and emotional and sensory regulation.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive consultative services for schools, school programs, and residential communities serving individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

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