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As a former school-based speech-language pathologist I truly value the therapy services provided by my colleagues in our local school systems. Many times during my work in the school district I would find out inadvertently that my students were receiving services through a private entity. It was frustrating to me to not be able to have the opportunity to collaborate and create shared goals to ensure a coordinated effort to support my patients.

Children’s Center for Growth and Development (CCGD) was built not only to provide parents a choice in their child’s therapy services but also with the hope of breaking down the barriers of communication between school and private therapy.

Both environments have their own limitations and opportunities that the other does not, and in a joint effort could provide a well-rounded therapeutic program for shared students/patients. CCGD strives to work collaboratively with local school districts to make this happen!

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

Individual Therapy
We currently provide individual Speech and Language, Occupational and Physical therapy in 1:1 settings. All therapists are certified and licensed through the State of Michigan and employees of CCGD. Individual therapy sessions are often covered by insurance depending on the results of a differential diagnosis.

Group Therapy
Group therapy sessions are also provided based on interest and the needs of the community. The types of groups we have provided include Social Skills, Kindergarten Readiness, Handwriting without Tears, and Connections in Comprehension. Groups are offered based on parent interest and the needs of the community. Upcoming events can be followed on our website and Facebook pages.

Academic tutoring is available for both general and special education needs. Our teachers are professional, licensed and experienced educators that have experience in the public school system. Goals are developed through collaboration with current year teachers and parents to support the child’s current curriculum. Tutoring services are private pay and not billable to insurance.

Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)
CCGD is experienced in providing thorough and extensive evaluations as a secondary evaluation process when required/requested by the school district or parent. We have worked with various school districts to provide these assessments in an objective and professional manner.

Contracted Services
CCGD has experience in providing therapy services for ESY, compensatory therapy services and homebound services both academic and special needs services. For more information about our availability and fees please contact our office.

Summer Services/Continuation of IEP
Should you feel your student would benefit from continued therapy services over the summer CCGD will continue with recently established IEP goals to reduce the risk of summer learning loss. Therapy services may be covered under insurance if there is an underlying medical condition or medical necessity can be documented. Parents also have the option of paying privately for continued services in situations where insurance will not cover services. You will be provided with a progress report and data collection at the end of the summer.

References are available upon request for past educators we have worked in collaboration with.

What about Release of Information (ROI)?

CCGD encourages our families to embrace a collaborative relationship between the school and private based therapy. In some instances, however, parents do not wish for us to share information. Ultimately, CCGD works for the parent and child and will support their decision. Without informed consent and agreement to the release of information CCGD will not be able to engage in conversation regarding services received at CCGD.

What is the best way to communicate with my patient’s therapist?

With parent approval and a signed ROI our therapists will arrange time in their schedule to collaborate with you. Scheduling a phone consultation with our front desk is the best way to ensure dedicated time to address your concerns and/or questions. If that is not possible, leave a message with your preferred time and we will work to make that happen!