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Getting Started

At CCGD we recognize that no single profession can address the complex needs of many of today’s young children. We are committed to providing a collaborative model of treatment among your child’s team as well as with other professionals involved in your child’s care.

Parents and Families

A child’s caregiver is often the first person to recognize that a child may need additional help. Determining where to turn and when to be concerned can be overwhelming and stressful. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions when first considering therapy services for your child. Learn More

Referring Professionals

As a professional that recognizes the effectiveness of an interprofessional approach for the complex needs of today’s children, your primary concern is ensuring your patient receives the highest quality of services available. CCGD is committed to working in collaboration with you to reach the highest quality of life for each child we serve. Learn More

Referring Educators

As an educator responsible for delivering a rigorous curriculum to each of your students, collaborative efforts are of utmost importance when working with a struggling student. CCGD is committed to working with educators to provide additional support in a 1:1 setting outside of the classroom to support academic goals. Learn More