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Middle/High School

As our children grow and develop school demands continue to increase in complexity, requiring students to access executive functioning skills to be successful in school. For some students these skills are learned naturally. For many others, however, these skills require direct instruction to learn and are not intuitive as the brain continues to develop. The six components of Executive Function include goal selection, planning and organization, initiation and persistence, flexibility, execution and goal attainment and self-regulation. The causes of Executive Function deficits can include Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), developmental disorders and delays, Non-verbal Learning Disorders (NVLD), Asperger’s, Autism, and Specific Language Impairment.

Deficits in these areas can affect your student’s ability to develop effective learning strategies, study skills and test taking strategies. Organization of information as well as increased awareness of his or her learning strengths and weaknesses are key in developing independent learning strategies.

How can we help?

A comprehensive evaluation to help identify areas of strength and weakness are available through CCGD. Evaluations completed outside of our facility including Individualized Educational Plans can also be used to help determine an appropriate treatment approach. Individual and group academic supportprograms are also available on an ongoing basis to address specific goals as well as general supports for study skills and test taking strategies.