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EXTRAordinary: Breaking out of the routine for a fresh start

How do you feel about January? Exhilarated to get back on track with routine? Rejuvenated to try something new? Exhausted from the holidays? For many of us, it is a combination of all three. How will you find the motivation to get back on track, to try something new, and to continue to inspire EXTRAordinary growth and development in your child?

Here at Children’s Center for Growth and Development, we too have taken on the mindset to not just be “good ‘nuff”. Our mission this year is to be EXTRAordinary with our clients and families. We see amazing children every day that bring us new energy and motivation. They inspire, they seldom give up, and ultimately they just want a life of joy, love, and acceptance—not much different than most adults. This January what will you decide to change from ordinary to extraordinary? Could it be to find better ways to communicate? To spend more one-on-one time with family members? To clean out the closet you dread to open? To read a book every night to your kids? Know that you are not alone. Allow the start of the new year to motivate you to look at your child and your family with inspiration. Let us help you see what was once ordinary and turn it to EXTRAordinary. Visit our Pinterest page and look for our January board to help inspire you to make better connections, more family moments, and to “get back on track”.