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Identify the Signs

Do you know the Signs?

Early identification and intervention are key in setting the stage for early learning and academic success in our children!

The American Speech and Hearing Association has just released their public service announcement to help parents identify the signs of early communication disorders as their children grow and develop.

The Childrens Center for Growth and Development is committed to supporting families within our community and beyond in recognizing the early signs of developmental concerns in our children.  Stay tuned to our blogs for more information on…….

  • Speech and Language Development
  • Sensory and Motor Development
  • Feeding and Nutrition
  • Emotional Health and Well Being

Working collaboratively with parents, educators, pediatricians and beyond we will build a wealth of resources to help parents build infrastructure within thier child’s life to set the stage for positive development and life long learning!

If you have any questions regarding your child’s development please contact us at 810-991-1211 to discuss your concerns!  Phone consultations are always available and without any obligations!